Hart House 100th Anniversary

1919–2019: Celebrating 100 Years at Hart House

Videographer: Richard Cerezo, Hart House Alumni
Musical Composition: Felipe Tellez, Current U of T Student
Music Post Production: Jeff Wolpert, Desert Fish, U of T Professor

On November 11, 2019, Hart House marks its 100th anniversary as a student-focused centre for the arts, dialogue and wellness at the University of Toronto.

More than just a physical space, Hart House plays a pivotal role as a diverse and inclusive gathering place that enhances the student experience on all three campuses. Hart House provides a haven for students and community members to come together, in all their diversity to take delight in the sheer joy of discovering new things about themselves, each other, and the world we all share.

Throughout our Anniversary year, Hart House is remembering the past, celebrating the present, and envisioning the future. From now until spring of 2020, join us for a series of exciting and innovative events that will bring together alumni, students, staff, and the broader community to showcase the best of Hart House across the University of Toronto and beyond.

FAQ: What you need to know about the Hart House 100th Anniversary

The Warden’s Message

“Since it was opened by then-Governor General the Duke of Devonshire in 1919, Hart House has brought together students from different colleges, faculties, and disciplines to form connections with one another not because of their similar academic pursuits, but because of their shared interest in discovering new facets of their common humanity outside of the classroom.  Today, as Hart House prepares for a year-long lineup of events and activities for its 100th anniversary, the enthusiasm and excitement of students for this unique approach to student engagement is still as robust as ever. Apparently time really does fly when you’re having fun.” (continue reading)

John Monahan, Warden, Hart House

Hart House 100th Anniversary Advisory
Committee Members

Andrew Szende
Barbara Dick
Brenda Ichikawa
Bryn MacPherson
Bukama Mugisha-Muntu
Chemi Lhamo
Cheryl Gibbs
David Kim
Edward Thompson
Elizabeth Smyth
Hannah de Haan
James Courtney
*James Courtney’s Hart House Wardens document

Jenny Blackbird
John Monahan
Jonathan Hamiton-Diabo
Joshua Grondin
Joy Fitzgibbon
Kimberley Tull
Linda MacRae
Sherry Yuan Hunter
Susan Blight
Terese Mason Pierre
Venus Wang

Kelly Schnurr, Senior Project Manager
Sophie Wolpert, Project Coordinator
Jessica Myshrall, Project Coordinator
Serena Marzario, Assistant Project Coordinator

Hart House 100th anniversary Self-Guided Tour

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