Wardens and the Meeting Place

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Author’s Note

I first entered Hart House as a first-year Engineering Student if the fall of 1962. I could never have guessed that what would follow would be a nearly 60-year connection with Hart House, including most recently as a member of the Hart House 100th Anniversary Advisory Committee.

I have volunteered all my life, including as a student Hart House as a member of the House Committee, the Board of Stewards, and supporter of the Hart House Finnish Exchange. I have also had the good fortune to have met ten of the twelve Wardens of Hart House. So when Hart House began compiling a ‘book of memories’ to help mark the 100th Anniversary, I leapt at the opportunity to add a codicil which describes in greater detail the chief accomplishments of the Wardens of Hart House, whose portraits adorn the walls of the Great Hall, along with heraldic shields from WWI and a portion of Milton’s Areopagitica.

The work that follows is my own. I drew primarily from the U of T Archives, the Hart House website and archives, personal interviews with several of the Wardens, among others. Any errors or omissions in this document are those of the author.

I would like to thank the Wardens for their time, the U of T archivists for their support, and John Monahan and Kelly Schnurr for supporting me in my journey of discovery for how Hart House has thrived and adapted for 100 years.

Jim Courtney, B.A.Sc. 6T6, Ph.D. 7T2, M.B.A. 8T5