Visit Hart House during our centennial year to see first hand how the symphony of people, sounds, and voices have filled our hallways for 100 years. The stories of Hart House paint a picture of community, historic memories and a steadfast centre for the exploration of arts, dialogue and wellness at the University of Toronto and we are proud to display the artifacts, photography and audio stories that have shaped our past and prepare us for our future.

100th Anniversary Exhibits

Hart House Permanent Collection Rehang

The Hart House Permanent Collection is a major collection of Canadian art developed by the Hart House Art Committee and administered by the Art Museum.

Alumni Stories and the Unheard Hart House Podcast

This unique experience will showcase an audio tapestry of stories from alumni members, current Hart House staff and archival audio.

Talking Walls Exhibit

Engage with an interactive exhibit exploring the history of Hart House as a space where social change happens.

Hart House: 100 Years, 100 Objects

The Alumni, students, and friends of Hart House have combed their closets and archives to create an exciting 100th Anniversary installation of artifacts representing 100 years of Hart House history “Hart House: 100 Years, 100 Objects”.


Visit our retrospective display of 20 Hart House Camera Club member photos, all of them reflecting “Campus Life” .

God of Gods: A Canadian Play

For her exhibit at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, internationally renowned, Toronto-based artist Deanna Bowen revisits The God of Gods (1919), a play written and directed by Carroll Aikins (1888-1967), founder of the first national theatre in Canada and artistic director of Hart House Theatre (1927–29).