FAQ: What You Need to Know About the Hart House 100th Anniversary

When is Hart House’s actual 100th anniversary?

  • The Hart House that we know today turns 100 on November 11, 2019. It was officially opened as a student centre on November 11, 1919, though the building was used for other purposes throughout WWI.

Where can I find out what’s happening?

  • The 100th anniversary website www.harthouse100.ca has details about the events and initiatives happening throughout the anniversary year.
  • The Hart House Weekly and Quarterly newsletters will be publishing relevant information throughout the year. Please subscribe at harthouse.ca/weekly and harthouse.ca/hart-house-quarterly
  • There will be signage and programs available throughout Hart House.
How is Hart House marking its actual anniversary?

Are anniversary events free and open to everyone?

  • Many events and experiences are free of charge and open to students, staff, alumni and the general community. The Hart House Gala of the Century is a fundraising event with tickets costing $250 per person. Other events, although free of charge for students, will entail a small fee for non-students. Free events may require advanced registration.

How can I donate to Hart House?

  • Thank you for asking! Please visit the Donate section for more information.

I am not a U of T alumni. Is this still for me?

  • Yes! The Hart House 100th anniversary year is for everyone to enjoy.