100th Anniversary Projects

Commemorating 100 years of Hart House takes many forms: literature, photography, art, and landmark commissions that solidify Hart House’s valuable contribution to the University of Toronto Community. The following initiatives have been selected to showcase the many areas in which Hart House has explored civic engagement, student leadership and community involvement.

100th Anniversary Projects

Bookplate Project

Students from St.Michael’s College have reflected on the significance of the books in the Hart House Library collection, and with the help of special QR codes placed inside books chosen, future readers can read the students’ reflections of those selected.

Hart House Permanent Collection Rehang

The Hart House Permanent Collection is a major collection of Canadian art developed by the Hart House Art Committee and administered by the Art Museum.

Alumni Stories and the Unheard Hart House Podcast

This unique experience will showcase an audio tapestry of stories from alumni members, current Hart House staff and archival audio.

Book of Memories: 100 Years of Hart House

Be sure to pick up a copy of this photo yearbook, highlighting the past 100 years of events, clubs, committees and special events at Hart House.

The Hart House Centennial Art Commission

For its centennial, Hart House, with the assistance of the Art Museum at the University of Toronto, is commissioning a major, permanent artwork by an Indigenous artist to transform our historic Great Hall.

Hart House Fitness Centre Activations

Hart House invites you to join the social media challenges kicking off in October 2019!

Hart House: 100 Years, 100 Objects

The Alumni, students, and friends of Hart House have combed their closets and archives to create an exciting 100th Anniversary installation of artifacts representing 100 years of Hart House history “Hart House: 100 Years, 100 Objects”.

Hart House Literary Review

As part of our centennial celebration, Hart House will be issuing a special “Hart House Literary Review–100th Anniversary Expanded Edition” that features a selection of highlights from the Review’s last three decades.