Alumni Stories and the Unheard Hart House Podcast

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Alumni Stories and the Unheard Hart House Podcast

If the walls of Hart House could talk, they would tell a century of stories. Whether it’s a conversation between staff and members of the community, the music of generations, or the ambient creaks and bumps that give a building character, Hart House has heard a myriad of tales and sounds.

Of course the walls can’t talk, but what if they could? That’s the premise of the unique Hart House 100th Anniversary project, “Alumni Stories and the Unheard Hart House”. Weaving together the past, present and future, this unique audio experience will showcase a tapestry of audio stories from students, alumni, current Hart House staff, archival audio from milestone events and the signature soundscapes of the grand building itself. All of them will be blended together to create an aural impression of Vincent Massey’s vision for Hart House come to life. This project will be available to access on the website and in the halls of Hart House in September 2019. We hope you will take time to listen and become part of the ongoing story.

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September 2019–April 2020
At Hart House and

Podcast Producer: Braeden Doane

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