Centennial Dialogue Series (Event 4 of 4): Artificial intelligence – Are we encoding inequality?

19 Mar 2020
Great Hall, Hart House

Centennial Dialogue Series (Event 4 of 4): Artificial intelligence – Are we encoding inequality?

Centennial Dialogue Series (4 of 4)
Speakers: TBA

AI is revolutionary technology, with the potential to usher in transformative advancements in all areas of life.

But at the same time, AI has the potential to do great harm in ways both predictable and unexpected: labour market changes leading to intensifying income inequality, unequal access to the benefits of AI, forms of bias built into systems, threats to privacy, to democracy and to human rights. How do we harness the tremendous potential of AI while protecting society against the risks?

Thursday, March 19, 2020
Great Hall, Hart House
Ticketed Event / FREE for Students with a valid TCard

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Hart House has a long history of facilitating future-thinking conversations that in themselves became historic occasions. As part of our 100th Anniversary events, from May 2019 through May 2020, Hart House will host a Centennial Dialogue Series consisting of four (4)special events – each featuring a reimagining of one of the most significant debates from the past century. Set in Hart House’s Great Hall, this series will highlight topics that are still essential today – presented with contemporary participants, different  formats, and new questions asked.  We know this series of public discussions will prove to be as provocative and timeless as their predecessors. Not to be missed, come and see the power of conversation at work in Hart House’s 100th Anniversary Centennial Dialogue Series.

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