Hart House Fitness Centre Activations

Hart House Fitness Centre

Hart House Fitness Centre Activations

At its core, Hart House is a centre for fitness and recreation. Since its inception, a great number of students have engaged through movement or wellness based activities that have led to enhanced well being and great friendships.

In that spirit, Hart House invites you to join the social media challenges detailed below kicking off in October 2019!

100 Rep Challenge

October 1, 2019–October 30th, 2019

To enter:

  1. Follow @HartHouseFitnessCentre.
  2. Complete 100 reps of the exercise(s) of your choosing. Take a photo during or after the completion of the 100 reps to commemorate the successful completion of the challenge.
  3. Share the photo by tagging @HartHouseFitnessCentre with the hashtag #100RepChallenge each time you complete the 100 rep challenge.
  4. Each post (story or feed) that has been tagged correctly enters your name into a draw for a Fitness Centre prize pack. One entry per post.

Winner will be announced November 1st, 2019.

10 Acts of Wellness

March 1st, 2020–March 31, 2020

To enter:

  1. Follow @HartHouseFitnessCentre.
  2. Complete an act of wellness and take a photo to commemorate the activity. Examples include: attend a drop-in class, go for a walk or run, resistance train, swim, meditate, yoga etc.
  3. Post the photo to social media and tag @HartHouseFitnessCentre with the hashtag #10ActsofWellness.
  4. Complete 10 acts of wellness to have your name included in a draw for a Fitness Centre prize pack. Don’t forget to tag and share your photos after each act of wellness.

Winner will be announced April 1st, 2020.

Drop-In Fitness Challenge

January 6th, 2020–February 6th, 2020

To enter:

  1. Pick up a Hart House Fitness Centre Drop-In Challenge Passport from the Fitness Centre Information Desk.
  2. Attend a drop-in fitness class of your choosing at the Hart House Fitness Centre.
  3. At the end of the class, kindly ask the instructor to stamp your passport.
  4. Complete 10 classes, collect 10 stamps and return your completed Passport to the Fitness Centre Information Desk to be entered in a draw for a Fitness Centre prize pack.

Bonus Entries:

  1. Follow @HartHouseFitnessCentre.
  2. Snap a selfie or take a picture with your friends at the end of the class (get creative!).
  3. Post the photo to social media and tag @HartHouseFitnessCentre with the hashtag #HartHouseFitnessChallenge.
  4. Each correctly tagged post (story or feed) gets you one bonus entry into the draw.

Winner will be announced February 7th, 2020.