Echoes of Northrop Frye @ Hart House

31 May 2019
Debates Room, Hart House

Echoes of Northrop Frye @ Hart House

Original Northrop Frye SpeechOn Remembrance Day 1969, one of Canada’s and U of T’s most decorated academics, Northrop Frye, gave a speech to mark the 50th anniversary of Hart House.

In his address given in the Great Hall, “Hart House Rededicated”, Frye said that “Hart House represented the university as a society; it dramatized the kind of life that the university encourages one to live: a life which imagination and intelligence have a central and continuous function”. Ever the forward thinker, Frye also tabled the still highly relevant topic of “community”, saying it is “defined by who is included, and who is excluded”. As part of our 100th Anniversary activities, Hart House looks back half-a-century to Frye’s address in a special event we are calling, “Echoes of Northrop Frye @ Hart House.” Hosted and moderated by Hart House Warden John Monahan, this event will feature a dramatic re-reading of Frye’s speech, followed by a panel discussion about its resonance 50 years later. Our special guest reader will be actor, writer and musician Nicky Lawrence. Panelists will include author, U of T lecturer and Hart House Board of Stewards Chair, Janelle Joseph; author, teacher and U of T graduate, Ann Y. K. Choi; and award-winning author, U of T professor, and Principal of St. Michael’s College, Randy Boyagoda. Presented in partnership with the annual U of T Alumni Reunion, this event is open to alumni, students and the general public.

Friday May 31, 2019
5–7 pm
Debates Room, Hart House

Moderator: John Monahan
Performer: Nicky Lawrence
Special guests include:

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