Open (Hart) House

15 Sep 2019
Hart House

Open (Hart) House

Wide Open Hart House, 1997A once-in-a-century opportunity to (re)engage with all of the people, activities and spaces that have made Hart House such an important part of the student experience at the University of Toronto since 1919.

Taking place on Sunday, September 15th from 2–5 pm, this is sure to be the largest and most public-facing event in our year-long centennial activities. Hart House will open its doors to U of T alumni, staff, students, faculty and the public for a 100th Anniversary reunion-themed Open House. The entire house will come alive with activations and live entertainment that will speak to the shared memories and experiences of Hart House’s many different stakeholders. Come to reunite with old friends, make new ones, and to be reminded why Hart House always has been and remains such a dynamic community. Our Warden, John Monahan, has a video message about Open (Hart) House to share with you. Our students are excitedly awaiting to welcome you, let’s see what they have to say. This is one reunion you won’t want to miss.This is one reunion you won’t want to miss.

Activities and Performances include:

  • Hart House Theatre Performance Rocky Horror Show in the Great Hall, 2:30–3 pm
    A showcase from an upcoming 2019-2020 Hart House Theatre Season Performance
  • Revival of the Hart House Pub in the Quad
    BBQ fare and drinks available for purchase in the Quad, 2–5 pm
    Free Hart House 100th Anniversary CAKE, served 4:30–5 pm
  • Dedicated reunion spaces by decades:
    Reunion #1: 1919-1969, Committees Room, 2–3 pm
    Reunion #2: 1970-1989, Music Room, 2–3 pm
    Reunion #3: 1990-2009, South Dining Room , 2–3 pm
    Reunion #4: 2010-2019, Fitness Centre / Gymnasium, 2–3 pm
  • My Hart House Moment, Photo Booth in the Map Room
  • Hart House Interactive Timeline Map in the East Common Room
  • Gallery Grill, Sparkling Wine Tasting and Viols Performance with Joelle Morton, Courtesy of Tawse Winery, 3–4 pm
    Sparkling Wine Tasting: Tawse Winery
    Viols Performance: Joelle Morton
  • Hart House Ex-Wardens’ Panel Discussion in the Hart House Quad, 3–3:30 pm
    Moderator: John Monahan
    Panel Guests: Hart House Ex-Wardens – Louise Cowin, Peter Turner, Richard Alway, Margaret Hancock, others TBA
  • Hart House Fitness Centre: Exercise Room,
    Definitely NOT the Opera, Podcast (2:30-3pm)A THUNDERING HERD documentary, film makers present for Q+A, 3–4 pm
    Definitely NOT the Opera, Repeat Podcast, 4:15–4:45 pm
    Archery in the Hart House Fitness Centre, 2–4:30 pm
    Hart House Fitness Centre: Pool Open Swim, 18+, 3:30–4:30 pm
  • “Pop-up” Hart House Choir workshop and rehearsal in the Hart House Library, 2:30–4 pm
    All interested singers are welcome to join
  • “Pop-up” Hart House Performance in the Great Hall, 4–4:15 pm
  • Visit our 100th Anniversary Gift Shop in the Hart House Quad to purchase your keepsake, 2–5 pm
  • Visit The Art Museum’s Justina M. Barnicke Gallery at Hart House, to view the exhibition God of Gods: A Canadian Play, 2–4:30 pm
  • Pick up a Collection Guide at the HUB or Justina M. Barnicke Gallery for a self-guided tour of the recent acquisitions to the Hart House Permanent Collection, now on display throughout Hart House
  • Family-Friendly Crafts in the Hart House Reading Room
    Kids button making
    Kids hat making

Sunday, September 15, 2019
2–5 pm
Hart House
Open to all / Free / Register online

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